Underground Storm Shelters

Underground storm shelters offer the safest protection during a tornado. These shelters keep families and friends safe by anchoring underground, ensuring that its occupants are protected from flying debris and collapsing buildings. For those that live in Tornado Alley, having a proper storm shelter is a priority.

Setting up an underground storm shelter isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and the price is reasonable when you consider the importance of your family’s safety. Most storm shelters come as a pre-manufactured shelter that is then placed underground. There are options to custom build a concrete ‘safe room,’ but a manufactured shelter will protect just as well.

These shelters can be installed underground in the yard, or underneath a garage. Having a shelter easily accessible from an indoor location will protect everyone as they dart to safety.



  • Underground is the safest place to be when a tornado strikes.
  • These shelters protect from high winds and debris that are prevalent during tornados.
  • The whole family is gathered in one safe place.


  • An underground storm shelter’s cost is higher if installed in tougher ground, like bedrock.
  • If you live on a high water table, there’s a chance of the shelter floating or leaking during a storm.
  • Most pre-manufactured underground storm shelters are made of steel, which will be more vulnerable to the elements underground. This can mean more stress and strain on the steel during the winter months. There are fiberglass shelters available.

Undeground Storm Shelter Cost:

An underground storm shelter can cost from $3,000 to $6,000 depending on its size and how much work the company does to install the shelter. There are less expensive options for those wishing to either set up the shelter or install it themselves. A storm can hit quickly at anytime, so having readily available underground storm shelters is a must for tornado prone states.

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