Welcome! Here in Tornado Alley, we understand just how dangerous tornadoes can be.  We understand how much a tornado can cost a person or family, and we understand how to protect ourselves from tornadoes.  On this site, you'll find information about fraidy holes (storm shelters), manufacturers and installers, and other info to help keep you safe in the storms. If you need help with any questions, get in touch with us on the contact page. We'll help you out any way we can!


Storm Shelters

Learn a bit about storm shelters. There are many types of shelters, including underground, above ground, safe room, garage shelters, garage-floor shelters, and of course basements and cellars.


Preparing For Disaster

It’s tough to think about what you might need if a tornado were to strike. Make sure that you have enough supplies to last at least a day in your storm shelter. Unfortunately, the trouble isn’t over once you’re back out of the shelter. You’ll have insurance claims to make, personal belongings to hunt down, and much more business to take care of.


Manufacturers and Installers

When you’ve decided that you want a storm shelter, the next step is to decide what kind and from whom. Many installers also manufacture their shelters. Find a manufacturer and installer that installs in your area and fits your budget. We recommend several that have had verified positive customer feedback.

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